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The idea of our own café emerged on our summer trip to the sea. My husband Artur and I took our bikes and went to Odessa.

We spent a lot of time biking, eating fruits and cakes, of course. We both are people with sweet tooth!

So we tried confectionaries one by one and none of them had a bike parking. One day I told Atrur about my thoughts on this situation. It was kind of like, “If I had my own café, it would certainly have a bike parking."

These words came true next year. We arranged it with our friend and business partner and opened our first micro place. My mother-in-law was a profi and helped us with our first recipes. Then we ordered a parking for four bikes. My classmates designed and made it for us.

Now we have a muniсipal bike parking, but the first one was very beautiful. People took photos of this masterpiece every time. Also we created dozens unique vegan cakes.

Bikes and cakes are still our passion. We started from a small bike trip and we are going to cycle the confectionary world!

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